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How Hammers Are Made

This video shows you the process from start to finish on how hammers are made. I find this video very interesting and I think you will to. If you like what you see please like and share this post. Thank you very much and enjoy

21 Dec 16 handyman

Top Common Automotive Problems with Simple Fixes

There are rare times your vehicle breaks down on you and you will definitely need the help of a mechanic. Most of these times  can be  a headache-  some problems your vehicle are causing are simple ones  you can fix yourself and save some money, sometimes lots of money. You may be thinking, “But I am not […]

26 Aug 16 handyman

Understanding Automotive Electricity – The Basics You Need to Know

  A car’s electrical system is a closed circuit that has an independent source of power, the battery. This operates on small fraction of the power used by household circuits. Aside from the main charging, ignition and starting circuits, there are other circuits which power electric motors, lights, the sensors and gauges of the electrical […]

19 Aug 16 handyman

How To Dеаl With Hіgh Energy ( Electric ) Bills.

Wondering whаt caused a sudden jumр in уоur bіll? Understanding ѕоmе оf thе mоѕt соmmоn саuѕеѕ оf high еlесtrіс bіllѕ is one оf thе best things уоu can dо to соntrоl the аmоunt of еnеrgу you use. Cоmmоn саuѕеѕ іnсludе wеаthеr: аbоut half of оur hоmе energy costs comes frоm hеаtіng аnd cooling our homes, […]

11 Aug 16 handyman

Understanding Alternating Current (AC) vs. Direct Current (DC) – Which is Better?

What is the main difference between AC or alternating current and DC or direct current? Based on its name, direct current is an electric current travelling in just a single direction as compared to alternating current that occasionally reverses direction. Negative and positive poles in an electric or magnetic field create a condition wherein electrons […]

11 Aug 16 handyman

How To Choose The Best Refrigerator

So which exactly are the best refrigerators on the market? Well, there are a lot of options out there to choose from. Viking refrigerators are modern looking, and dependable refrigerators to get for your house. Stainless steel refrigerators tend to be susceptible towards dents. You will also have to decide if you want a bottom […]

02 Aug 16 handyman

What water pipe should you use?

Today, there are many different options when it comes to what you can use for a water pipe. In nearly all older houses, you can find a mixture of different types of pipes. This is usually due to repairs and remodels that a house has gone through over the years. This can lead to many, […]

25 Jul 16 handyman

Finding Air Conditioners on the Web

What You Need to Do Before Buying An Air Conditioner Before It’s Too Late There are several common mistakes made when selecting a new air conditioner. Reverse cycle air conditioners are frequently called heat pumps and they are made to remove heat from the air in a particular room of your house, while at the […]

04 Jun 16 handyman

How To construct A Sloped Drop Ceiling

Hello my friends! Here is a video I found on how you go about creating a sloped drop ceiling ( suspended Ceiling) to help save time and material. That is music to my ears, saving time and material means more $$$. I hope you find this video helpful. 

17 Dec 15 handyman

Weird & Unbelievable Engineering Mistakes

Ever look at a blueprint and say ” what the heck was that engineer thinking”. Well Watch this video, I m sure the people that built these projects to spec wondered the same thing.

14 Sep 15 handyman

Support Beam Constructing For Bearing Walls or To Eliminate Floor Sag.

I recently  had a job that I was doing and tore everything apart to find 16 ft. runs with no middle support and very little on each end,    ( VERY SCARY )  . I considered using a piece of steel for a ballast beam, but I searched YouTube for an alternative way to install […]

12 Sep 15 handyman

Here is A Video On How To Set Your Concrete Shower Base In Your Custom Stand Up Shower

This is a video I found on YouTube, It is of a man who makes a custom shower base (The part of the shower where you stand and the drain is). He goes about showing you of what kind of concrete (Mud) to get , how to mix (consistency of the material).Then he shows you […]

31 Aug 15 handyman

Black Mold In Houses – What We Did To Get Rid of It

I recently had a project that consisted of black mold. I mean it was infested, What we did was rip out all the carpets and drywall, all the way down to the studs. Most of the lower floors and joist  were rotted. We used screw jacks to support the load bear beams and walls. We […]

28 Aug 15 handyman

Sign Frame and Sign Stand for outdoor signs – i.e. Real Estate Signs

I am making this post so if any one ever has to make a stand alone sign that they have an idea of how to build one for under $100.00, this particular sign that I made cost exactly $42.88. I am not going into great detail about the sign, I am just putting it out there […]

04 Aug 15 handyman

PEX – What is it and why is it used

PEX Tubing What is PEX? The full name for this product is cross-linked polyethylene, but it is more commonly known as PEX. This type of tubing is ideal for use in plumbing, including domestic water, and is also often used as insulation for high voltage electrical cables. It can even be utilized in the transportation […]

15 Jul 15 handyman

Wago Connectors – A Great Replacement For Wire Nuts

They take up less space than the “twisties” and you know each wire is well connected. Not to mention they are much faster to connect. Highly recommend them

31 Mar 15 handyman

PEX Tube – How To Cut Correctly

In this very short quick to the point video, I show you how to properly cut Plumber PEX Tube. If you found this video helpful please Like and share. Thanks for watching. This is the link to buy the exact tool that I used in this video.

25 Mar 15 handyman

Web Hosting –- What is it & How To Choose

  So you bought your domain name and do not know what to do or maybe you do. Regardless this short article will break it down for you. What is web hosting? Web hosting or Web Hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing […]

09 Mar 15 handyman

Home Security 101- The easiest & most affordable ways to improve your home security.

From smart home alarm systems to state-of-the-art security doors and surveillance cameras – the home security system market is increasingly witnessing a massive upsurge in the sales of security gears and equipments. And understandably so! After all, approximately 2,188,005 cases of burglary and home invasion were reported in the U.S. in the year 2011 alone […]

01 Mar 15 handyman

Q&A on Youtube. Is there Helicoil sets for 7/16 bolt diameter- Yes

Yes but you need to know what the thread pitch is. Here is a link to two different common thread pitches. I hope this helps. Here is a video on how to find the bolt size and thread pitch and below is a video on how to use a helicoil set / fix stripped threads. […]

20 Feb 15 handyman

3D Printed Real Houses

Post by Handyman Problem Fixer.

04 Feb 15 handyman

Homemade Rat Trap

I demonstrate my homemade rat trap. I explain how it is made.This is a great how to video if you have problem with rats.  

31 Jan 15 handyman

Interesting Sinking Concrete Fix.

This is not one of my videos but I had to share because I thought it was a very interesting idea. They say it’s permanent, if you want my opinion. To be honest I never used the stuff and I really could not tell you. But it looks cool.

31 Jan 15 handyman

How to check battery voltage, alternator voltage, and load test voltage with a multimeter

This Test Mainly Rules out your alternator and test its strength. For a Battery you will need a batter load tester. Video is on http://handymanpf.com/auto-troubleshooting/ How to check battery voltage, alternator voltage, and load test voltage with a multimeter THANKS FOR WATCHING 🙂 Please comment below This video is for information purposes only. If you […]

18 Jan 15 handyman