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Black Mold In Houses – What We Did To Get Rid of It

28 Aug 15
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I recently had a project that consisted of black mold. I mean it was infested, What we did was rip out all the carpets and drywall, all the way down to the studs. Most of the lower floors and joist  were rotted. We used screw jacks to support the load bear beams and walls. We removed anything that was completely rotted of infested. We removed all the electrical wire, Yes it seeped its way  inside the insulation of the wire, plus if your doing a project do it right. Now we are down to the cleaning phase, can you guess what we used, Bleach? NO!  Bleach only kills the upper layer of the mold and doesn’t penetrate the porous surface of the wood. Granted . we tried it at first, and we tried vinegar  . But the best thing we used was Borax. Borax is applied in a water mix and you use a scrub brush to apply. The best thing about borax is that it is a mineral that kills mold and seeps its way in the porous surface and does not have to be wiped off. Granted if its filthy, I would wipe it and re-scrub it. You let it dry completely before putting new building material on. Now when it drys, the borax minerals stay in and on the the wood preventing the mold from returning. Plus Borax is easier on the lungs then bleach. There is more information on this in the links below. Also note when we worked with black mold we used all safety precautions , suits, and respirators .

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