Computer build – Rosewill ATX Tyrfing Computer tower Case

Computer build – Rosewill ATX Tyrfing Computer tower Case

Hello Friends Handyman here.

I am writing this article to let you all  know about my new adventure my son and I  are embarking upon.   We are in the process of building our first computer and it is really an adventure for us,  as we both do not know anything about computer building projects ( well we know the small basics – very little).  We know that many of you might have built your computer by yourself and may be able to give some specifics on this project. We are planning to do our computer building project fully online so that you can easily follow up on our project.

You can watch us plan the project. We are well aware that while building our computer we may fail time and time  again but we are determined to succeed in our project. In our Budget computer build project we never plan to quit and will never accept  failure as a final result. So, we welcome all of you guys to come and watch us as we proceed in our computer build, and make fun of us ( its all good )  on our screw ups,  learn how to build a computer from scratch from our mistakes , so you dont make the same or just provide the tips that will help us reach our goal in an easy way.

***Here is the link for the computer tower I purchased and used in this article and if you have options for other computer tower through the same link.***

Now, it is  time to get to work and we have just got our project rolling. Our computer has started taking  shape and we have chosen the Rosewill Tyrfing ATX computer tower case as our starting point and are working on it right now. The decision to go with Rosewill ATX Tyrfing Computer tower case is a hard one for us but we are convinced that it is the best way to start our Budget computer build project as it is

  • one of the best fitting size for our new computer
  • priced around  $50.00 making it affordable for us
  • designed with two fans that come pre-installed and these fans are very quiet in operation
  • comes with advanced cooling system with targeted cooling of PSU and CPU
  • can be used for installing additional fans of up to 5
  • the computer case that has received many good reviews from the users as seen on YouTube and other websites
  • very airy and has all the provisions for giving the best ventilation to the components inside
  • having large space inside the Rosewill Tyrfing so that you can easily fit a CPU water cooler
  • is providing space for three internal hard drives
  • is designed with Convenient Top-Mounted I/O Panel
  • It supports 2 x USB 3.0 port and 2 x USB 2.0 port for easy and faster data handling

The Rosewill Tyrfing Computer case is the perfect fit for our Budget computer build as it looks very sleek and stylish in design. This brings in an extraordinary design to the PC cases and due to this it has become a popular choice for all those who want to build and enjoy their computer. Though this computer case is made for computer gaming it is more suited for music production and music related functions as you have enough space for your extra hardware that you need for producing, editing and managing big audio files.

Yet another important aspect of the Rosewill Tyrfing computer case is that it can be used for building a computer that is more suited for doing video related works. With ample space for extra hard disks and provision of extra ventilation for your computer components this case provides everything a video buff needs to build his computer.

By going for this computer case you can easily achieve your aim of building an extra powerful computer that can handle all your video production, editing and playing and recording functions with ease and perfection. The Rosewill Tyrfing computer case is  giving us enough flexilbity and provisions for the building and managing your computer and make it completely future proof with ample space for additional components and  future upgrades.

So, guys come and see what we are doing with the Rosewill Tyrfing and how our future computer is taking shape and we welcome all your tricks and tips for our ongoing budget computer build

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