About Us 

Handyman is a ‘problem fixing’ website where you will be able to find a multitude of solutions to your around the house problems and not only. We are here to offer you advice and tips for issues such as changing/fixing a flat tire to removing mold from inside your home.Our ideas and solutions come from the best professionals, people who are true craftsmen when it comes to building and innovation. If you are in for some insights, you came to the right place because we can make your life easier and help you take care of your house all by yourself. Also we’ll help you make the difference between what you can ‘try at home’(things like mounting a switch box) and what you have to leave to professionals.

Our articles are accompanied by explanatory videos where you can see exactly the steps you need to take in order to perform the task we are describing. This way you’ll be able to take care of things yourself in just a matter of minutes. We know that most people are scared by the technical issues and believe they need a degree for it, but we are here to prove that all you need is will and curiosity.

At Handyman, you’ll be able to read about the latest technologies and trends regarding all the aspects of your house from plumbing to electricity and insulation. We’ll break down every aspect into piece for you so that you get a better grip of how your house should work to its maximum parameters. 

Get ready to save a lot of $$$ by learning to do things yourself with the help of Handyman.


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