2. Auto Troubleshooting

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How to Check for antifreeze leak.Cooling system pressure testing

I explain how to locate an automobile cooling system leak. Customer stated that they smelled antifreeze but could not spot a leak. I found the coolant leaking from the bottom of the radiator by pressure testing the cooling system.

This Test Mainly Rules out your alternator and test its strength. For a Battery you will need a batter load tester.

Video is on http://handymanpf.com/auto-troubleshooting/

How to check battery voltage, alternator voltage, and load test voltage with a multimeter
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How To Load Test a Car Battery / How To Check a Car Batteries Strength

In this video I show you how to properly test a car battery. To check the condition of the battery. I also explain how a battery load tester works. Thanks for watching any questions please dont hesitate to ask. If you dislike this video please state why so I can re edit it. Thanks