Tool Tips

How to rethread a stripped bolt hole
Using A Heli-coil

In this video I show you how to re thread a stripped bolt hole in a cylinder head on a lawn mower but also can be performed on anything. I demonstrate how to go about getting the correct bolt size and how to pick the kit you need.
Now I mentioned in the video that you should nt use an impact to install bolts, that was wrong. I meant to say is that you should not use impacts to install nuts and bolts on critical things like cylinder heads, intake manifolds, sensors and various soft materials like aluminum and plastic.
Thanks for watching, I hope this video helps.

In addition to the video above. I made this follow up video

Bolt Size How To Figure out the size you need

In this video I explain and show you how to find out what size and strength of bolt you need. Also to determine if it is metric or standard. To answer those questions like, How to find out what bolt I have. Thanks for watching.